Adoption Pending

Mable - Lovebird

Hatch Date: Believed 2015

Sex: Female

Creamino Lovebird

Hi! I'm Mable (lovebird)

Not much is known about me except I'm a tough cookie. Sometimes I forget I'm small, so I need a big cage to roam!


If you open my cage I will come out and conquer your living room and might come check you out. I don't seek out affection, and I'm too cool to step up, but you can cup me in your hands and I won’t complain. I'll even hang off your finger or lay upside down! I like to play with my newspaper and ring lots of bells. I'm small so I'm not too loud, but I love having my voice heard. I can click, but not much else, I'm smart though and if I like you enough I'll maybe learn tricks. I love to observe and am fun to observe, I'm a good eater too. Please consider meeting me, I'm a sassy bundle of joy! most of the time ;)

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