Foster in Place

Adoption Pending

Miss Piggy - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Female

White-Face Pied Cockatiel

Miss Piggy is a beautiful rescued female cockatiel of unknown age. She loves to eat, hence the name Miss Piggy. 

Miss Piggy had never been trained to be around humans as previous owners kept her in a cage with Plexiglas tie-wrapped to every exterior part except the door.  Miss Piggy was allowed very little or possibly no time outside her cage to stretch her wings.

Miss Piggy is looking for a person who will spend time with her and let her out of her cage for interaction and training. It will take time to earn this girls trust but the effort will certainly pay off.

Please note, Miss Piggy is a Foster in Place. She will stay in her owners home until a loving family is found. Potential adopters need not take the Orientation Class, BUT will require a home inspection before we put owner in touch with the potential adopter. This bird will not be vet checked by EBR. 

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