Nerveen  - Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Male

Green/Yellow Parakeet

I live with several other parakeets, a lovebird, two cockatiels and finches in a bedroom where most of us are free flighted. I am a busy little bird who loves to fly around checking out what everyone is doing in the room. My favorite bird right now is Forrest. He and I love to chit chat about this and that; conversing about politics and religion…just kidding. Mostly we talk about girls.


I love love love my veggies and will eat lettuce, parsley, cilantro and squash. My foster moms have also spied me chewing on a carrot sliver and fruit. I will eat my greens before even touching my seed. Greens are so yummy. They have even caught me eating mash which is a combination of beans, rice, veggies, fruits; everything but the kitchen sink.


I like being free flighted having the freedom to decide where I want to go and when. I am beautiful when I fly.  And when it is time for bed I fly right back into my cage for sleepy time at around 6ish or so. I am not one who likes to hang out with humans but I am very entertaining and I do like millet so who knows…I may decide humans are pretty neat if given the right motivation.


If you are looking for a fun loving little parakeet you should contact EBR. My friends and I are waiting for new homes.

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