Oden - Blue & Gold Macaw

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Male

Special Needs: Scissor Beak 

Part of a puppy mill animal abuse rescue in Medford (Breeder).


My life story is very sad and tragic. I was found living outside with frozen water being fed a diet of peanuts. When discovered there was two feet of peanuts shells on my cage floor. Yuk! But I don’t want to remember those days as I now have a wonderful life with my new foster mom. She has been very patient and loving with me.


With time and patience I will learn to trust my new family and allow them to give me all the attention and love I deserve after my horrible beginnings. In a short time I have made great strides and will come to my foster mom for kisses on my beak and to hold her hand. I love that!


My feathers were horribly mangled and tatter from living outside, never being bathed and probably from diet as well. Now that I have a warm place to live with great food to eat my feathers are starting to grow in and look wonderful. My foster mom thinks I am beautiful though and I like her too.


Cage life is a thing of the past. I now spend my days on my rope ladder watching all the happenings in my foster home. I also love my sphere and manzanita tree especially if it means I can get kisses from my foster mom. I am learning that toys are fun and dogs toys seem to be a favorite. I am sure if you introduce me to other types with time I will learn they are fun too. Remember I led a very sheltered life and so everything is new to me right now.


EBR is looking for a wonderful home that has Macaw experience that will provide me with opportunities to grow while still setting boundaries. If that is you please contact EBR and have a meet and greet.

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