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Opal - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: 1982

Sex: Female

Hi, my name is Opal. I come from a very loving dad that I spent my entire 36 years with. If you give me a chance, I will wow you with my knowledge and speech. I talk a lot less since my dog family members passed away, but I still talk when there’s something I need to communicate. I will say, “Drink!” When I hear my foster parents use the ice dispenser. I say, “bed time” and, “goodnight Opal” when I’m ready for bed and I will beep until you are quiet, and have me covered with the lights out. I have been very cautious with my foster family because I don’t know them well, but I used to cuddle my dad. Like with any relationship I really just want to be loved, but it might take a while me to open up to you. Every day I share a little bit more and I stun my foster family with new words and noises that they’ve never heard before. I love communicating with different beeps and noises and when my foster mom and dad beep and make noises like I do, it lets me know they care. I am okay with cats and dogs as long as they aren’t too close. I do well with other birds around. When my crazy cockatoo roommate does her crazy cockatoo scream, I whistle a sweet tune. I don’t scream, but I love to whistle!! I don’t get very loud, but I sometimes like to make my silly noises for a while. All I want is a family that loves me and can give me all the attention I deserve.   

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