Ozzie - Umbrella Cockatoo

Hatch Date: 1985

Sex: Unknown

Umbrella Cockatoo

Adoption Fee: $450

Hello. My name is Ozzie. I'm a mature, distinguished gentleman in a cockatoo's body.


I've been in foster for a long time. I'm not sure why. For a cockatoo, I'm fairly quiet. I alert my foster mom when the dogs are in the bird room causing trouble and sometimes I sing before bedtime. I really love living with other birds. If I can, I like to visit the other birds in my room. Most of them do not appreciate my friendship, but I've made friends with another large cockatoo in my current home. I think it would be great to live with at least one other bird to keep me company. It would be fun if I could make friends with that bird. My favorite toys are big chunks of wood. My foster family provides me with lots of wood and I shred it!!! I like to watch tv with my family and cockatoo friend. I also enjoy sitting in my foster mom's lap and having my head scratched. I love to eat nuts and seeds, but I'm learning to eat veggies.


I'm reserved with strangers and prefer women. My foster dad can handle me, but I'm happiest spending time with Mom. I've made friends with a volunteer that visits once a week. After meeting her a couple times, I'm comfortable spending one on one time with her and get very excited when she visits. I didn't mention that I'm quite the dancer!!! When I'm excited, I do a happy dance. It might take a couple visits, but once I get to know you, I'm very friendly. I do not go to adoption events because they scare me.


As far as cockatoos go, I'm pretty great! I need a home that understands too much cuddling will make me hormonal. I like to have a routine and will probably do best in a calm, mellow home. I'm a very sweet, well behaved bird who deserves a perfect, permanent home. 

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