Paco - Slender Billed Conure

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Also called the Long Billed Parakeet

I am one of the Lucky 13: My species is from Chile and we are ground eaters. We will eat seed that is as little as canary seed and love to forage for things on our  cage  floor. I love veggies and fruits especially berries. I am familiar with step up and with some training will probably learn it pretty quickly. I am starting to like toys and am sure if my new parronts introduce different things I will find a few favorites. We are known to be chatty and some of us can learn to talk with training.  My most unusual characteristic is my beak which is long and beautiful. I need a very special home that will understand where I came from and is willing to give me all the love and patience required to become a trusting companion.




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