Peanut and Bonsai


Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Best qualities: Fun to watch.

Favorite food: They are not picky.

Favorite toys: Unknown.

Challenges/Quirks: Not hand tame.

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Unknown

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: No

Vocabulary: None

Known health issues: None

Other comments: We are two funny

lovebirds who are very chatty with each

other. We are bonded but because we were

found in an outside aviary with 9 other lovebirds our relationship or gender is not known. We could be mother son, father daughter, siblings, or have some other familial relationship.


Our favorite thing to do is hang out on our swing or chew up the great toys we have in our cage. Anything with small pieces of wood is a favorite but we have been known to chew cords attached to the toys causing everything to fall to the bottom of the cage. Our foster mom does not seem happy and we aren't sure why cause it is great fun. 


We love our veggies and will go for that before anything else. We are not tame but that doesn't keep us from being so fun to watch and talk to. We are also very very beautiful if we do say so ourselves!

Last updated: 5/23/20

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