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Petey - Bare-Eyed/Citron Cockatoo 

Hatch Date: 2005

Sex: Unknown

Petey’s hatch date is 6/14/2005 so he is now 12 years old.  His mom has had him 9 years.  Petey is a gentle, shy bird, and mostly quiet.  He is not a biter.  He has been living in a quiet, peaceful home with Chihuahuas and other birds.  Petey is not afraid of dogs.

Petey loves music, dancing, spray baths, hair dryer, bell with mirror toy and hanging out with his mom.  Petey likes to hang out on the shower rod when his mom takes a shower and sits on her shoulder while she watches TV and enjoys having his head and upper beak stroked.

Petey plays peekaboo, puts his head in a large sleeve to snuggle, imitates “tap tap” with beak when you tap something with your finger and puts objects under his wing, he likes to head nod with you and sway to music.

Petey takes a while to get used to new toys.  He doesn’t really play with toys or chew much.  He would rather watch what is going on around him.  He knows “get off of there” and “I’ll be back.”  He does not like to be messed with and won’t let his mom groom his feathers.  If you trim his wings he can still fly.  He has a perch near the ceiling at the corner of the room where he goes at night.  His cage is always open.

Petey’s diet is a seed parrot diet with whole grain seeded bread, hemp seed and likes veggies but not fruit except for oranges and apples.  He will try whatever his mom is eating.  His treats are almonds, shelled walnuts and pine nuts.  So far he won’t eat filberts.

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