Petey - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Senior

Sex: Male

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Petey is an older, very sweet and loves attention. He is happiest (of course) when his family is at home with him. Recently his budgie buddy passed and he has been very sad, but recently started coming out of his cage more again and his door is also open when the family is home. He is good about going back to his cage when needed but very rarely comes out of his house anymore. He is fully flighted but the only flying he does is to find his mom when she is getting ready for work. Petey is not a yeller, mostly sleeps and is quiet during the day now even when his family is home with him. He is a great eater! He looooooves to eat :) He is used to getting greens and "table food" such as rice / nibbles of tortilla shells / fruit every day. He is a world class whistler and chatters a lot in the mornings and evenings too. The only time he is loud is if he hears a siren outside and that is only for a minute until it is out of range again. Petey’s family is moving out of state and feel that Petey would be better with a new family that had other small birds.

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