Ping & Rio - Lovebirds

Hatch Dates: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Meet Rio and Ping, a bonded pair of young lovebirds who are believed to be siblings.  They have been in foster care for about two months and during that time they have learned to love fruits and veggies (particularly kale, apples, and sweet potatoes) and Harrison's lovebird pellets.  

These little guys are not hand tame, but they love to sit on the top of their cage and look out the window while snuggling with each other.  Rio, who is slightly more blue than Ping loves to chew on raffia toys, kale leaves, and paper.  


They get rambunctious at times during the day and chatter and cheep, but then quiet down and take naps.  They like to sleep in their hidey hut and will easily go back in their cage and tuck in at bedtime.  They are quiet until we remove the cage cover the next morning and pop back out when we open their cage top.  

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