Pumpkin - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Possibly Male

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Adoption Fee: $25

Hi…boy have I had a time. Let me tell you! I was brought in to my rescuers home by a cat who thought I might taste good. They called EBR who took me to the vet who was surprised at how healthy I am. I am very scared as you can imagine and will need someone to be very patient with me. I am making some great strides with trusting my foster moms and a volunteer who comes once a week to spend time with me.
I make the most beautiful songs though and I promise to entertain my new home. I have been learning to wolf whistle and with training could probably learn much more. My mirror is my best friend and I will sit in front of it for hours singing the day away.
I am not sure about toys yet but I have a bunch in my cage. Sometimes they have caught me touching one with my beak and they get all excited. Seems silly to me but it makes them happy.
I am not sure about all the veggies and fruits I keep getting yet. But they keep giving it to me day after day. They are persistent foster moms!!! I love them for that because they just want me to be healthy.
I love getting spritz baths and will put my wings out for maximum exposure. I have a lot of dander so getting wet once a week is really important. I don’t mind being in my outdoor cage getting misted with the hose and sitting in the sun but it is not my favorite.
I do not come out of my cage willingly but once out will hang on your shoulder while you watch tv, read, or visit with friends.  I am learning to step up and get better at it every week.
I am going to take someone with patience who will continue to work on trust but don’t let that scare you. If you are looking for a beautiful companion please contact EBR and lets meet!

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