Rainer - English Parakeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Male

Wow a lot has changed since I came to rescue. I have a room full of new friends that I love to hang out with. We spend the day flying around, chatting, exploring, and being crazy birds. It is very entertaining to our foster moms.


I am a bit bigger than your standard budgie and a beautiful blue color. I should be adopted with a friend and the one I seem to hang out with the most is Nerveen. Although he has a girlfriend he is gaga about. He hangs on the outside of her cage pinning for her. It is sickening. But when he does play with me we like to run all over the room chatting about this and that. The little bird room at my foster home is free flighted. We have the option of going into the cage if we want to take a time out from playing. I am sure with a friend I could be happy being in a large cage that I can fly around in.


I now like my veggies thanks to following the example of my new friends. Greens, carrots, and some fruits are a favorite.


I am not all the keen on hands but can entertain with my fun little personality. So contact EBR if you are interested!

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