Reepacheep - Lovebird

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown/possibly female

Hi, I’m Reepacheep! 


I was found in a back yard by a Good Samaritan who caught me and called the Exotic Bird Rescue. Lucky me! No one but me knows how long I was on my own.


My foster mom thought I was a very young bird because my head was mostly grey when I was found, and I think she was right, because now I am starting to get my adult coloring, and I am getting even prettier! My mom looked on the internet, and it says that means I am somewhere between 4-6 months old now, so I must have hatched very early in 2018.


I was VERY skittish for the first few days, but now I am much more at ease when my foster parronts and their dogs are in the room. In just the last week I have started taking millet from my mom’s hand. It took almost a week of her offering it every day for me to try, but once I did I started begging for my treat every time she walks by! I love my millet treat, and would likely be fairly easy to train with it.


I have also started showing off my voice, and boy, can I sing! Well, ok, I guess I string a lot of really pretty chirping together more than sing, but I can keep it up for quite a while, which is how I got my name.


And someone made me a really neat new swing with all kinds of toys and bells attached! I like playing with my swing and chewing on the egg carton toys my foster mom makes for me.


As quickly as I am learning, I think I would make someone a good companion bird if they had the patience to work with me. I am already good company if you want someone to talk to who chirps back a lot, and if you come talk gently to me, I will to come to the side of my cage closest to you to answer, especially if you have millet in your hand!

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