Hatch Date: 1967

Sex: DNA'd Male

Yellow-Naped Amazon

Adoption Fee: $400



Hello, my name is Rico. I am a senior bird but don't let that discourage you! I love to interact with people and have many sounds and some phrases. Most of my talking/sounds are very pleasant. I am the quietest bird in my foster home. I enjoy taking showers with my foster dad and that is when I am most vocal. I like to say OHHH RICO and lots of fun sound effects that we aren't sure how to put into words.


I enjoy my seed diet and am learning to eat veggies. I like steamed carrots and love chunks of raw corn on the cob. I eat apple slices almost daily. I will accept food from anyone's hands.


I am just learning to play with my toys, I never had any before. I am starting to like chewing up hanging wood blocks.


I love laying on a towel being pet while in my foster dads lap while he watches TV. I will sit for as long as he lets me, this is my favorite thing to do and will always step up for him out out of my cage for towel time.


I am shy at first and a little protective of my cage. I will take some patience when I get into my forever home. I need slow movements so I don't get frightened.


I seem to like both men and women. I like to show off whenever females are around.


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Rico - Yellow-Naped Amazon


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