Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Male Parakeets

Adoption Fee: $25

Romeo- Parakeet

I'm Romeo and I love looking in the mirror at myself bobbing my head and chatting away. I can be so vain but that is typical for male parakeets. I can be very chatty in that cute chirpy kind of way. I'm a stunning guy with powder blue and white and markings that are different from other blue birds.


I have a fun personality and love to run all over the cage beaking the different toys, conversing with the other parakeets, and spending time with my friend Gracie. He is fairly new to the cage and we love to hang out together. We will sit and preen each other chatting away about this and that.


Veggies were not all that interesting until I moved to the big cage and saw the other parakeets eating them up. Now kale and broccoli seem to be my veggies of choice right now.  I am also learning to like millet which means I might be easier to train especially since I am not hand tamed. With work though I could become your buddy. EBR can give you advice on some steps to take to get me used to hands. If nothing else I'm so much fun to watch and make the most beautiful sounds to keep you company.


Contact EBR to visit with me if you want to add a fun little bird into your family. Please a home with no cats as they scare me.

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