Adoption Pending

Ruby - Congo African Grey

Hatch Date: Believed 1999

Sex: Unknown

Congo African Grey

Adoption Fee: $400 

Hello, my name is Ruby!


I'm a discerning bird who has always been well cared for. I love to watch Wheel of Fortune and make all the sound effects. If I can sit on my foster dad while watching, I'll put my head down for a scratch. When my foster mom is in the kitchen preparing food for the flock, I will fly onto her shoulder. I like feeding the other birds. I also LOVE eating!!! If you give me fruit, I will gobble it down with delight. I'm fully flighted and prefer to stay that way. To keep my figure trim, I fly laps through the kitchen. Sometimes, I will visit my friend Kenya, the other grey in the house. I enjoy puzzle toys and after writing this, I will probably go retrieve some pellets from my foraging wheel- it is my personal wheel of fortune and I ALWAYS win!!! I enjoy showering with my foster family- it has been the best way for my foster mom to bribe me into interacting with her. 


I'm very independent, but seek attention from an entitled few people who are worthy of my affections. I'm a wonderful bird looking for an equally wonderful home.

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