Salsa - Yellow Nape Amazon

Hatch Date: 1983

Sex: Female

Salsa, or the princess as her foster mother calls her is a delightful resilient girl...She has outlived two owners, a father and daughter, spending approximately 17 years with each.

She is not very talkative but is prone to ask What? What? a lot. She loves to have her head scratched and will willingly walk up your leg and sit in your lap. She does not step up but will

gladly step on her "ladder".

Salsa is a very willing bird she will try anything you ask of her. Reportedly she used to shower with one of her owners, cuddle with the dog, and chase the cat. She will try any kind of vegetable or fruit and is on a seed based diet. She loves nuts and regularly raids the pistachio bowl. She begs for pasta and bread crusts.

If you are interested in a loving companion who does not talk excessively this is the bird for you.

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