Shadow & Lucille - Cockatiels

Shadow Hatch Date: Unknown

Shadow - White Faced Cockatiel

Lucille Hatch Date: 2012

Lucille: Pied Cockatiel

Sex: Both are female

 Must be adopted together.

Say hello to these beautiful girls. This mother & daughter are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. These lovely ladies will brighten anyone day!

Shadow is a wonderful, tame bird and will sit on your finger or shoulder for a little bonding time. She will let you scritch her neck and  she might peck at you when she's had enough, but she's never made an attempt to bite.  During her last molt her feathers came back more as down, and a few places are rather bare.  She's had the bare spots for the previous 2 years but show no sign of illness. Shadow is the mother of Lucille

Lucille hatched in 2012 and is the daughter of Shadow. She has not had much hands on training so is tame but needs some training. Lucille will sit on your finger for a very brief period of time, as in pick her up off the floor and raise her to flight level to return to the cage. With a little love and patience, Lucille can learn to love your attention.

Please note, These ladies are a Foster in Place. They will stay in thier owners home until a loving family is found. Potential adopters need not take the Orientation Class, BUT will require a home inspection before we put owner in touch with the potential adopter. This bird will not be vet checked by EBR. 

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