Sid - Eclectus

Hatch Date: Unkown

Sex: Male

Say hello to Sid! He is a bright ray of sunshine and is just the happiest guy. He's a quiet bird except for a few loud sounds he likes to make when he is really excited. Sid is a ball of energy and likes to fly whenever he can.

Sid is a very active bird that LOVES to interact with his people. He will fly to your shoulder or lap to be with you. Sid enjoys any attention he can get and soaks up every bit of love he gets.

He gets along with cats but should go to a home without too many other birds. While he gets along with other birds he can be a bit of a food "bully". Sid loves to eat and will push other birds out of the way to eat their food if he has the chance. He is a great eater and will happily eat his fruits and vegetables.

Sid came to his foster home suffering from the effects of malnutrition and was suffering from early stages of liver disease as a result. His feathers were dull and plucked. His beak a pale yellow and was very soft. His eye rings where white instead of orange. Despite his poor health,  he was still just the happiest bird. 

Sid has been on a strict diet of homemade mash, organic sprouts,  supplements and a very small amount of pellets and his health has completely turned around. His feathers are slowly growing back in and have a healthy shine.  His beak has gained its signature candy corn coloring and his eye rings are beginning to turn orange.

Sid has made great progress recovering from nutritional issues and care will need to be taken to ensure he stays healthy. He will need a home that can provide him with healthy produce, grains, supplements and sprouts to keep him happy and healthy. He should also be allowed to plenty of time outside his cage to fly and interact with his family.

Sid has a truly wonderful personality and will brighten the lives of anyone he is near. If you are interested in Sid please visit the links below for more information.

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