Sparky - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Believed to have hatched in 2016

Sex: Presumed Male

If you are bored and need some entertainment I am your guy. I love to sing and will practice my beautiful songs for you. I do try to mimic whistles and know how to wolf whistle. My voice can be a bit loud at times but it is because I am so happy and excited to share my music with someone. It is typical for male of my species.


I am not hand tame but that is being worked on by EBR. I will take treats from your hand. I am a great eater and love my veggies, fruit, and mash. I get very excited when I know it is breakfast time.


I love shredding paper and will go to the bottom of my cage to shred up my newspaper. I also love my mirror and will chat away with the bird looking back at me.


I have the most beautiful markings on my head and am a very handsome guy. If you need companionship let me know.

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