Spicey and Beany

Pearl Cockatiels

Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Unkown

Best qualities: Entertaining

Favorite food: Millet

Favorite toys: Swing

Challenges/Quirks: Not hand tame.

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Unknown

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Knew step up previously, but does not currently step-up.

Vocabulary: Whistles

Known health issues: Unknown.

Other comments: Hi aren’t we just the cutest cockatiels you have ever seen? Spicey here and I tend to be the dominant one and also the most friendly. We are not bonded and do not spend time preening each other so being adopted separately is ok as long as the new owner promises to spend time with us so we don’t get lonely. We are social creatures after all.


We love to hang out on the bottom of our cage grazing on food we find there. Our foster mom keeps trying to feed us veggies and fruits but we are still not sure about them. We do like to eat cockatiel mix, finch mix, smaller pieces of parrot mix, and dried greens. She keeps trying other things though cause she knows that it is good for us. We love to eat and get very excited when we see our foster mom preparing our food. Our all time favorite treat is millet spray and using it as a training tool would help us bond with our new family.


I have done okay with stick training but Beanie just doesn’t like it. Such a scaredy cat that one. We have a swing we play and sleep on; course our foster mom hasn’t figure out which one of us likes what yet. We enjoy toys and are not afraid of new ones. We love to chew and will chew up the paper in our cage as well.


Our foster mom plays a singing game with us where she whistle and we whistle back. It makes us very happy to interact with her. We love to sing especially when we see our favorite people and get very excited when they come into the room. We like to sit on the top of our cage being adorable and have been known to fly around the room looking at all the fun things we can get into so our room must be birdie proof.


We bathe occasionally in our water dish and sometimes our foster mom mists us with the other birds. We are kind of liking it but aren’t sure yet. But it is so important to keeping our feathers and skin healthy.


Our foster mom thinks we are very happy and sweet and with some handling (separately) thinks we will bond easily with a new owner.

Last updated: 4/10/2019

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