Maximilian's Pionus

Age or Hatch Date: At least 10 years old

Gender: Male

Best qualities: Potential to be a good family bird.

Favorite food: Mango, apple, peach and papaya

Favorite toys: Unknown

Challenges/Quirks: Cage aggression

Gets along with other birds: Unknown

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids: Yes

Dowel or Step Up trained: Sometimes, also currently being target trained.

Vocabulary: “Good morning!” “Spikey boy,” “Good boy, Spike!” “Hatchoo!” “Come here!” “Get me out of here!” Peek-a-boo," "Pretty Pretty Pretty Boy," "What are you doing?" "Tickle Tickle," and "Good Boy," as well as phone noises and a laugh. He also sings with his human.

Known health issues: None

Other comments: Spike is a very smart and wonderfully chill and quiet bird, who is used to spending the day with an open
cage near his people. He doesn’t venture off of his cage on his own, and is not as destructive as most birds. He is currently being clicker trained, and is catching on quickly: he follows a target stick, turns around, and is learning some other basic tricks. He is a quiet bird, making cute little chirps. 


Spike delights in interaction with children. He actively beckons smaller children to him (“Come here!”), quivering his wings with excitement when they come. He loves being sang to by children, and listens intently. He could be a wonderful family bird, if children know to handle him respectfully.


Spike has good eating habits. He likes fresh fruits and veggies, and readily eats mash and chop (though he throws out the beans). He seems to prefer his fresh produce in larger cubes he can grab with his feet and eat perched on top of his cage. He likes carrots, peas, and broccoli. He shows delight and excitement over apple, mango, peach, and papaya. Spike enjoys Zupreem Natural Pellets, and dips each one into his water bowl before crunchily eating it. He enjoys almonds in their shell as a treat, and loves millet as a training treat. Spike likes to dip his food into his water, and is right handed. Spike really likes to play with and lick ice cubes on a hot day.


Spike is very cage protective, and will show aggression if approached while he is on or in his cage, by puffing up, squawking, and lunging. Target training is helping desensitize him. He has learned to get up off his cage onto his foster mom's arm. Once off the cage, he is the sweetest bird, very eager to please, interact, and step up onto a hand or arm.


He makes little delighted chirping sounds, and will cruise the back of the couch, walking from shoulder to shoulder, or stomp around the table or floor. He actively asks for head scratches, by lifting his foot up to his head and making a scratching motion while looking coyly at his foster family.


His foster home is still trying to find a toy that Spike enjoys. He really likes to chew on wooden sticks, shred paper, peel bark off of sticks, but shows no interest in toys so far. He does actively enjoy target training, so his foster mom believes this can be a meaningful (and bond-promoting) activity for him.

Several times a week, Spike enjoys a good shower from the misting bottle, especially if the vacuum cleaner is running. He is in good feather, and has healthy grooming habits.

Last updated: 1/20/20

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