Marcus and Starbuck

Green Cheek and Sun Conure

Age or Hatch Date: At least 10 years old

Gender: Unknown

Best qualities: Entertaining

Favorite food: Organic Graham crackers, dried papaya,

apple chunks, dried banana & fresh blueberries.

Favorite toys: Mirror, bells, plastic ball with ropes.

Challenges/Quirks: Slow to warm up

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with kids: No

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Marcus - very quiet, friendly chirrups, chuckles and occasional calls. Starbuck - Good morning, How are you? Hi Starbuck!

Known health issues: Starbuck slightly overweight and Marcus scissor beak.

Other comments: Marcus and Starbuck and bonded and must be adopted together.

Hello, my name is Starbuck. I'm around 10 years old. I don't know if I'm male or female; but I haven't laid an egg yet! My best friend is Marcus; he's a green-cheek conure. We're kind of inseparable. I'm a bit of a goof, but I'm also very much my own bird in that I love to show off but I require my own space and time. If I like you, I'll try and preen your hair. If we really trust each other, I'll even try and preen your eye lashes. But I DON'T like to be scritched or generally touched; stepping on to your fingers and climbing up to your shoulder is fine, but no touchy; every interaction I have with humans will always be on my terms. I'm fully flighted and used to it. I'm familiar with dogs and cats, but have never bothered to really get to know them, especially the cat. It looks at me like I'm a food or a toy. I honestly love hanging out in my cage with my bestie, Marcus and come out every now and then to get treats and hang out on dad's shoulder. But I'm still most at home in my cage with my rope toys and dangling climbing jungle. It's warm and safe in there. If you are slow and show me a lot of attention and patience, we'll probably get along just fine. Just remember, I'm a very contrary conure - I like to be social and I like people, but it WILL be on my terms."


"Hey. I'm Marcus. My people think I was wild caught since I'm missing a toe and have no band, chip or papers; they've had me since 2010 and I was already a grown up then. My gender is my business, my people use "he" since I'm so frequently a gentleman. I don't much care for most humans, especially men; they're loud and they move too fast around me. I act all tough and hostile if you try to get too close too fast, and I'm more than ready to bite to enforce my boundaries if you don't pay attention to my warnings. I'm really a sweetheart, and I love to watch whatever you are doing. I like talking to that gorgeous birdie in my mirror, and cuddling/playing with Starbuck. I don't like to be separated from Starbuck, and I'll tell you about it loudly if you try!! Mostly, I just like to be up high quietly watching everything. I've been flighted for a long time since we live with a cat, but I'm usually very polite. I'll come down when you call me, especially if you have a yummy fresh blueberry or an organic banana chip - those are the BEST! I know how to go inside my cage when you tell me to, and I'll gladly follow through. I really like quiet and calm people, blues and classical piano/strings, and 80's pop. You can keep the moonlit beach, but a fresh cold bath on a summer afternoon makes my tail feathers quiver. If you take the time to talk nicely and convince me you won't hurt me, I'll be your politely wild friend."

Last updated: 02/07/20

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