Age or Hatch Date: 10 years old

Gender: Presumed male

Best qualities: Still being assessed.

Favorite food: Almonds

Favorite toys: Paper, shredding toys.

Challenges/Quirks: Strong preference for women.

Gets along with other birds: Tolerant

Gets along with dogs: Uncomfortable/fearful

Gets along with cats: Uncomfortable/fearful

Gets along with kids: Tolerant

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Sporadic

Known health issues: None

Other comments: Sonny is a very sweet and trainable bird. He enjoys chit-chatting all day and listening to music and audiobooks. He likes to play with toys that have bells and toys that hide treats inside. He is also very much a ladies man, he will happily Step Up chirp have his head scratched and rubbed as well as hand preening by females. Almonds are a quick way to his heart, as well as whistling and singing. Sunny is part of our Foster-in-Place program and will stay with his current owner until an adopter is found.

Last updated: 1/7/21

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