Hatchdate: Unknown

Sex: Male

Found outside

Sunshine - Parakeet

I am a beautiful yellow parakeet that is new to rescue. I was found outside and take to the local shelter. They contacted EBR to care for me.  I know how to step up so was obviously someone’s pet but no one has claimed me.

I like my foster moms very much. They gave me a new cage, lots of toys to play with, great veggies and fruits, and tasty seed. I am not a fan of veggies yet but they are still working on it. They say it is good for me and I see all the other birds eating it so maybe I will give it a try someday. I am housed next to two female parakeets and I sing chirpy songs to them and we all interact through the cage bars.

I sing the most beautiful songs and love mirrors. That is typical for a male parakeet. I also have been seen playing with toys that have bells and beads. I have a fun personality I hear my foster moms say and will make someone a great pet with some love and patience.

Interested in a single male fun parakeet? I am your man..call EBR and lets set up a play date.

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