Adoption Pending

Tie-Dye - Rainbow Lorikeet

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Meet Tie-Dye! He is an absolute gentleman who is sure to win anyone's heart with his antics. Tie-Dye loves head scratches and playing with his toys. He is very good at picking up phrases, and will say things like "Yum yum yum" at mealtimes. He is still a bit shy about stepping up and shows some preference towards ladies, but is perfectly fine being around people no matter their gender. He is a typical gregarious lorikeet, and would definitely love being in a well-trafficked area of the home where he can soak up all the attention he deserves. Because of the specific dietary and social requirements lories have, we are requiring potential adopters to have had previous lory experience or to have done extensive research into species-specific care.

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