Adoption Pending

Tiki - Quaker

Hatch Date: 2015

Sex: Presumed Female

Update on Tiki:

She just had her vet check. All is good...except she is a little overweight. 😏 Vet said a little less apples and bananas would be good.  


She loves being outdoors now that the weather is so nice.  She has learned to say “stop it!” (When dogs bark), “what are you doing?” (Especially when the vacuum or lawnmower is running) and “Bear” (one of our dogs.) She is working on other things but not developed enough for us to distinguish. 

My name is Tiki and I am a pretty little girl who is looking for a forever home. I was very loved in my former home and it shows. I am a very well behaved and sweet little bird.


My former mom got me when I was almost two weeks old so I didn’t understand how to be a bird. I thought I was a human and should get to do human things. Since being in “birdie bootcamp” watching the other birds in my foster home I have learned that toys are fun to tear apart, bells are fun to ring, and that I can entertain myself quietly without having to rely on humans to keep me company. My favorite toys are cardboard, paper, and things I can shake around. I also love my hidey hut and will run in one side and out the other like I am running a track.


I have learned how to like veggies but my foster moms still mix some seeds in to encourage me to explore. I get very excited when you bring my breakfast and run over to check it out. I am not very food motivated and my foster moms have not found a nut yet I like. I tend to take them and drop them. But I have stolen a piece of food off a dinner plate without asking. My foster moms seemed to think it cute.


I seem to like kids and am very gentle. I have been to events where I can be passed from kid to kid with no problem. I can be a bit cage aggressive, which is normal for a Quaker, so adult supervision is required. I have been known to escape from my cage so care should be taken to make sure my doors are properly latched. I am not a destructive bird which is a good thing considering how many times my foster mom came home to find me hanging out on top of my cage.


I do not mind other birds as long as they respect my space. I am not interested in mutual preening or playing. And I can get jealous of other birds spending time with my human. But I enjoy having the companionship of other birds and I have been learning all kind of things about being a bird by watching them. The other Quakers in my house and I have funny conversations that only we can understand. It seems to entertain my foster moms.


When I am ready to go to bed I will put myself to bed in my hidey hut. I stay quiet until morning. I am not a noisy bird but will call out if you leave the room. I miss you and want to let you know. I love cuddles, kisses on my head..I just love attention. In fact if you work from home, are retired, a stay at home mom, and need some company I am your girl.

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