Toby - Blue & Gold Macaw

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Believed Male

Meet Toby, this handsome guy will stay in his owners home until a loving family is found. 

Toby is great at entertaining himself and loves to chew. Toys made of wood and paper are favorites. Of course, like most big birds, anything that can be destroyed is a perfect way to pass the time. Toby also likes to climb around the top of his cage or sitting on his play stand. He likes to watch to world outside, so a perch with a view always make him happy.

Toby loves to spend time with his family and especially likes to eat dinner with you. After dinner, Toby likes to relax on your lap while  sitting on the sofa.

Toby can be nervous when strangers come into the house, he also dislikes wooden "step-up" dowels and large objects being carried past his cage. Toby likes his space and would prefer not to have other birds near him.


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