White Lightning and Strongbow


Age or Hatch Date: 11 and 6 years old

Gender: Males

Best qualities: Still being assessed.

Favorite food: Millet

Favorite toys: Swing, cuddle bone, bells and mirrors, something to destroy (paper, dried grasses/wicker)

Challenges/Quirks: Still being assessed

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: No

Gets along with cats: No

Gets along with kids: Yes

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: None

Known health issues: None.

Other comments:White Lightning and Strongbow are two of the sweetest most trusting and lovely cockatiels. They were beloved pampered pets and they should be again! They love to hang out on top of their cage. They like (brief) scritches, sometimes long scritches once they get to know you. When they feel comfortable they will enjoy exploring your home and sitting on your shoulder. Patience and kindness is sure to win them over. White Lightning- the yellow tiel, is extra! He's extra fluffy, extra dusty, and has an extra loud whistle when he wants. He can even fly with his wings clipped. Strongbow is a gentle sweetie. Though smaller than his buddy Lightning, he still tries to keep up. Though his attempts to fly usually means he ends up on the floor. They like pellets and seed but with patience and time they could probably be tempted to eat some greens and veggies. They don't bit often or hard. Though Lightning likes to put up a big front. They will step right up onto your hand and are usually very nice about having to go into their cage. Though Lightning can get stubborn. 

Last updated: 02/12/20

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