About Exotic

Bird Rescue

Our mission is to find a safe, loving home for every bird, and to provide education and support to our community.

What does Exotic Bird Rescue do?

Exotic Bird Rescue does not operate a facility. It is our belief that the interests of the birds we take in are best suited in a foster home program, therefore the birds are all quarantined and housed in personal homes throughout the area and treated as members of the family.


All of the foster homes and staff of this organization are volunteers working out of their homes. They pay their own gas when transporting for us and pay all their own personal expenses. Some are home and some work full time at a regular job. They do this because they are passionate about what they do, not because they receive perks or benefits- they don't. Please keep this in mind when contacting our organization.

The word "rescue" is misleading as to what we do. Most of our birds are not "rescued," but are placed with us voluntarily by their owners who, more often than not, loved and cared for them to the best of their ability.

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Springfield, OR 97477

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