Relinquishment Information

There are various reasons birds come into rescue, however If you are wanting to relinquish due to behavioral issues, we may be able to help keep your bird in your home by offering you coaching or a referral to a behaviorist. 



Intakes are extremely limited at this time! Just because you complete the form, does not guarantee we will be able to take them in.

Filling out the relinquishment form and sending photos are the first steps in relinquishing your bird. Once those forms are received they will be reviewed to determine if a foster home is available. We are unable to provide time frames for foster homes to be available. Some birds, such as cockatoos and macaws, will likely take longer than smaller birds. 


An intake donation of $75 for small and medium birds and $150 for larger birds is greatly appreciated. A PayPal Invoice will be sent to you at the time of intake. The intake donation goes towards their initial vet visit, food, toys, and in some cases a more suitable cage.  If your cage is unsuitable for the bird you are relinquishing, you may be asked for an additional donation.  If this is a financial hardship please let us know. We will never turn a bird away that needs our help. 


1)    Can I get updates about my bird?  - Yes, in most cases you can ask for an update of how your bird is doing by sending us an email.

2)     Can I visit my bird?  - We typically do not allow prior owners to visit their birds as this can cause confusion and additional grief to the bird.

3)    What happens to my bird when I relinquish it? - Your bird will be moved to a foster home as soon as one is available. It will remain in foster until an adopter is found. During the time it is in foster, it will live in a home setting. We do not have a facility.

4)    Why are the fees so expensive?  - Owning exotic birds is expensive. We strive to maintain a consistent standard of care which includes vet visits, quality food, toys, and anything else the bird may need, until an adopter is found.

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