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Are you considering relinquishing your bird because of behavioral issues? Even the best bird parents can get overwhelmed from time to time. From helpful volunteers to veterinarian care, there is help available. EBR is committed to helping birds stay with their families whenever possible. Click on the links below to learn more.

Whether it is bad habits or hormones, parrots can be complicated. Just like people, hormones can be controlled and bad habits can be broken. EBR volunteers have years of experience managing every parrot issue you can imagine. We are always happy to give whatever advice we can.


Has your bird had a wellness check lately? Your parrots health can play a vital role in your parrots behavior. Just like us, parrots can get a little grumpy if they are not feeling well. A check-up is always a good idea when there is a change in behavior. Click the link below to see a list of avian veterinarians that our volunteers and birds visit. Need advice or have questions? Email us using the link or at

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