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Donate to EBR

​Our work is made possible with support from people like you. Consider showing your support with a cash or in-kind donation! 

Cash Donations

Contributions to EBR are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. EBR's tax identification number is 93-1287626


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In-Kind Donations

We are always accepting donations of the following items:


  • Cages - Must be in excellent condition. Cages should be clean, free of rust, chipping paint, and broken cage bars. 

  • Playstands - Playstands should be clean, free of rust, and no broken parts. Tabletop and free-standing playstands are appreciated.​

  • Travel cages - Travel cages for medium and large birds are currently needed. If not new, they need to be sterilized.

  • ​Food - Must be unopened and not beyond the expiration date. Pellet brands: Harrison's, Roudybush, Zupreem, and Lafeber (including Avicakes and Nutriberries). We are not currently accepting seed donations.

  • ​Toys and Toy Parts - Must be new. We can not accept used toys or toy parts due to the threat of disease. We are especially in need of pine and fir blocks with a hole in the middle.

  • Special Needs Items - Anti-pluck vests and collars made of bird-safe materials. Handicap cages are also appreciated.

  • Services - Services such as pressure washing, powder coating, and welding to refinish cages, legal work to review documents, marketing services such as digital printing for flyers, banners, T-Shirts, and window decals.

  • ​Gift cards - Gift cards for veterinary care, gas stations, pet supply stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores. 


If you would like to donate items, simply email If you are donating a cage, please include a photo in your email.

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