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The Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is funded entirely by donations. Every penny is critical to get these birds the care they need to stay healthy and happy. Your donations allow us to provide veterinary care, healthy food, toys and other enrichment for all of our birds. 


Exotic Bird Rescue does not operate a facility. It is our belief that the interests of the birds we take in are best suited in a foster home program, therefore the birds are all quarantined and housed in personal homes throughout the area and treated as members of the family. All of the foster homes and staff of this organization are volunteers working out of their homes. They pay their own gas when transporting for us and pay all their own personal expenses. Some are home and some work full time at a regular job. They do this because they are passionate about what they do, not because they receive perks or benefits- they don't. Your donations go to helping the birds.


Donations in any amount help or show your support with a regular monthly donation. Click the links below to donate:




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  • Cages - Must be in good condition. Cages should be clean, free of rust, chipping paint and broken cage bars. Flight cages for small birds, and cages for medium and large birds are desperately needed.

  • Playstands - Playstands should be clean, free of rust, and no broken parts. Tabletop and free-standing playstands are appreciated.​

  • Travel cages - Travel cages for medium and large birds are currently needed. If not new, they need to be sterilized.

  • Food - Must be unopened and not beyond the expiration date. Pellet brands: Harrison's, Roudy Bush, Zupreem, TOP's and Lafeber (including Avicakes and Nutriberries). We are not currently accepting seed donations.

  • Toys and Toy Parts - Must be new. We can not accept used toys or toy parts due to threat of disease. Made in USA preferred. We are especially in need of pine and fir blocks with a hole in the middle. Hemlock, oak and cedar will not be accepted. We are in desperate need of macaw size toys for large birds.

  • Special Needs Items - Anti-pluck vests and collars made of bird safe materials. Handicap cages are also appreciated.

  • Services - Services such as pressure washing, powder coating and welding to refinish cages, legal work to review documents, marketing services such as digital printing for flyers, banners T-Shirts and window decals.

  • Gift cards - Gift cards for for veterinary care, gas stations, pet supply stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores. 


If you would like to donate items, simply click the link to email us. If you are donating a cage,

please include a photo in your email.

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