Adoption Success Stories


I adopted Chico from EBR on September 1st, 2013. Chico is such a joy to have around. He makes me laugh every day with his antics and the crazy things he says. He's a happy bird and is very loved 😊


Chico joined my existing flock of two cockatiels, Elvis and Fabian, who I've had for almost 11 years now. He has always liked the tiels, but they've made it clear it isn't mutual, so Chico's a little afraid of them and they take full advantage of that! They do seem to consider themselves flockmates, though.


I also ended up taking in a neighbor's aging cherry head conure, Pardoe, who needed a home two years ago. My neighbor and I had traded bird sitting for many years previously. Sadly, my neighbor developed serious health problems and couldn't properly care for little Pardoe anymore, who has health issues of his own. Chico was terribly jealous of Pardoe for the first several months, but they are inseparable besties now. And Pardoe, who immediately installed himself as Boss Bird, demoting Elvis, makes sure the tiels don't pick on his big green friend - LOL!


We moved this year to a completely remodeled condo and the birds now have their very own room! They have their own flat screen TV and smart DVD player on which to watch fun YouTube videos when I'm not home. Also a playgym in front of a window where they can bird and people watch. So they are definitely happy, if not overindulged, and living the good life!



 Kari, Chico, Pardo, Elvis, and Fabian


Sid was adopt at first site for me. He didn’t even seem the type that I would prefer. However, the look in his eye, and his laid back nature ,caught my eye. 

We have a conure that I found the same way, and he is in his forever home. Sid has had a rough patch where he seemed to be malnourish for a time, and kept some of the habits of plucking his feathers. I felt for him and his situation. He needed very personal, one person attention. I researched for many hours on their special needs in their diet, and the tricks and signs they show when they need something. 

The first month or so, he was very stoic, and seemed to just want to be left alone. As he came to know the house, and his new friend, he quickly started flying  and being more vocal.  Each day, he gets a little better. Each day, he gets the guts to express his want for something. Each day, he gets more feisty and playful. 

I love Sid. He is such a gentle spirit, and is growing here. He is growing feathers back fast (he does back pedal every couple of days and cuts some feathers. I think in time he will eventually stop).


One of the cutest things is watching him walk down the hallway to me, so he can get on his cage for the night. He always seems so hesitant and spurred forward by positive thinking.  Oh, and he quacks like a duck lol.


Sid is home, he will never need to go anywhere else again. He is a part of my life. I am so thankful to the hard workers at EBR that kept him safe until he found a home. Thank you guys!


Goliath came in years ago.  He came from a very sad situation.  He was adopted for a time but his parronts left the country to retire.  Goliath came back to me and has never left.  He is an amazing Macaw, sweet, fun and funny.  He lives a free and happy life.  Never locked in a cage and very well behaved.  He is the greeter for visitors and an absolute delight.  I am blessed to have him and I feel he feels the same about me. 💕


She is doing well. We all love her, even though she can be a grumpy cuss. She is still not wanting to be touched, so we are being respectfully patient. Colin is still desperate to give her a kiss.


One of the cutest and most amazing things she has done since she’s arrived is to comment on the water here. We have well water, and I presume she has always had Portland City Water. She took a drink of the water and looked up at me and said, “Mmmmmm, the water is good here! Thank you.” Totally blew me away.


Before bed, sometimes she likes to snuggle up with Robert and we sing her songs. I really want to wrap her up in a pink blanket and hold her like a baby!


"She seems completely content here!


Day three, a visit to the living room, a banana chip on top of an open cage, stepped right up and we went to spend time with Cheryl!" (roomate)


We saw EBR was doing happy adoption stories on Facebook, and we would like to share ours with you!

This is the Hahn's Macaw Sydney! She was adopted through EBR in 2015. Syd is happy, healthy, and doing well! She is loved by her family, Breanne and Jennifer Bachman. She loves to take selfies, play peekaboo, fly around the house when she is flighted in the spring, and watch parrot videos on Youtube. She is usually velcro'd to her parronts' shoulders and enjoys singing and dancing to pop music and playing peek-a-boo. Breanne & Jennifer's friends adore Sydney, and Syd has her favorite visitors and loves to hang out with them when they drop by! Her favorite treat is pistachios and red pepper. A year ago, a Meyers parrot named Orion, a well-known biter at The Parrot Perch bird store, joined their flock. Sydney and Orion sadly do not get along so well, but are both willing to share Breanne's shoulder and try to out-talk one another when asking for treats. ;) 
When Sydney was adopted she barbered her feathers and tended to pluck her chest. After some work and a good diet, her molt came in this year her feathers look fantastic, with only very slight barbering and no plucking!

We couldn't imagine life without Sydney or Orion. Breanne considers Sydney her best friend and is looking forward to many more years of adventures and love with her! Thank you EBR for helping us add this beloved bird to our family. 

Breanne & Jennnifer Bachman


Lucy is amazing. I love her 😍 sooo much. I love when she sings!!!  She’s my girl and I love her. Thanks for the gift of her!!!


I’ve had Marty now for just over 2 years and he has been a great friend in my life he adores my son and over all the birds I’ve had in the past 40 years he is by far the best talkers. I’ve had Macaw’s Amazon’s Cockatoo’s Mini Macaw’s and more I perf Macaw’s. When I was looking to rescue a new friend I was looking for a Amazon size bird but you don’t pick the bird the bird picks you and Marty was the only one that would have anything to do with me so him just had to go home with me and it has worked out very well it took him a bit to get use to and me him but he been great.

Gabby,  one of the Lucky 13

Gabby is one of the lucky 13 rescued by EBR.

What a transformation. When he came in to our foster home he didn’t play with toys, eat veggies, explore, talk, or do anything. He made friends with Frankie the Quaker and learned how to be a bird. He was adopted and now is one spoiled bird who explores and love everything. He is harnessed trained and goes to most of our events where he loves to be passed from human to human.




All the little fellows are fine. Pumpkin is more quiet than expected, but he seems very happy. He tends to sing and whistle in the evenings. Amazingly, he plays with his toys quite a bit!  Got him a toy with 4 small bells that he quite likes!  Both budgies are a hoot!They have bonded and enjoy being right next to each other. Lots of happy chirping, preening. Just love

And family do too!


Frankie was found in a wet cardboard box on someone’s porch. He decided that his foster home was his forever home and won them over with his funny antics, cute talking, and loving  disposition.

“I knew from the first night I was in trouble. He was such a love and so darn cute. He cracks us up with how he is plays with his toys, hangs upside down and chatters, and sings to himself. He became a failed foster and we adopted him pretty quickly. He is my buddy and I could not imagine my life without him.”

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