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Our story


Sid was adopt at first sight for me. He didn’t even seem the type that I would prefer. However, the look in his eye, and his laid back nature, caught my eye.

We have a conure that I found the same way, and he is in his forever home. Sid has had a rough patch where he seemed to be malnourish for a time, and kept some of the habits of plucking his feathers. I felt for him and his situation. He needed very personal, one person attention. I researched for many hours on their special needs in their diet, and the tricks and signs they show when they need something. ​

The first month or so, he was very stoic, and seemed to just want to be left alone. As he came to know the house, and his new friend, he quickly started flying and being more vocal. Each day, he gets a little better. Each day, he gets the guts to express his want for something. Each day, he gets more feisty and playful.

I love Sid. He is such a gentle spirit, and is growing here. He is growing feathers back fast (he does back pedal every couple of days and cuts some feathers. I think in time he will eventually stop).

One of the cutest things is watching him walk down the hallway to me, so he can get on his cage for the night. He always seems so hesitant and spurred forward by positive thinking. Oh, and he quacks like a duck lol.

Sid is home, he will never need to go anywhere else again. He is a part of my life. I am so thankful to the hard workers at EBR that kept him safe until he found a home. Thank you guys!

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