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Our story


I adopted Chico from EBR on September 1st, 2013. Chico is such a joy to have around. He makes me laugh every day with his antics and the crazy things he says. He's a happy bird and is very loved 😊

Chico joined my existing flock of two cockatiels, Elvis and Fabian, who I've had for almost 11 years now. He has always liked the tiels, but they've made it clear it isn't mutual, so Chico's a little afraid of them and they take full advantage of that! They do seem to consider themselves flockmates, though.

I also ended up taking in a neighbor's aging cherry head conure, Pardoe, who needed a home two years ago. My neighbor and I had traded bird sitting for many years previously. Sadly, my neighbor developed serious health problems and couldn't properly care for little Pardoe anymore, who has health issues of his own. Chico was terribly jealous of Pardoe for the first several months, but they are inseparable besties now. And Pardoe, who immediately installed himself as Boss Bird, demoting Elvis, makes sure the tiels don't pick on his big green friend - LOL!

We moved this year to a completely remodeled condo and the birds now have their very own room! They have their own flat screen TV and smart DVD player on which to watch fun YouTube videos when I'm not home. Also a playgym in front of a window where they can bird and people watch. So they are definitely happy, if not overindulged, and living the good life!

Kari, Chico, Pardo, Elvis, and Fabian

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