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George & Tevye


Wait List


George & Tevye

*** This bird is currently on our Waitlist and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Waitlist may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

Owner Said: George and Tevye are 7/7.5 year old cockatiels who were adopted together at 3 and 6 months old from a small cockatiel breeder in Palmer, Alaska. They have had the same owner since, and have had an exciting life together. They are brothers with a very strong bond and love to be together, but they also love human companionship. George and Tevye have very different personalities, but they are very playful, curious, and energetic boys with a lot of potential to learn. They have been exposed to a number of different people and roommates in that time, though never children, and have lived with cats and dogs for most of their lives so they are comfortable around other animals. Tevye bonded with me very early and has always been a sweetheart. He has always loved to cuddle and hang out close, dancing, singing, and using his human as a perch. He loves to groom my eyebrows and my hair and will often take naps perched somewhere on me, sometimes on my head, shoulders, or on my knee. Tevye loves getting head scritches and kisses on the beak and even kisses back. He is a very gentle boy and never bites hard, if at all. He is an incredibly polite gentleman, for example if he wants to decline a request to Step Up, he will blocking access to his feet by putting his head down in front of his feet. Tevye adores his brother and his human and loves to dance and sing with them both. George was much more timid from the start and did not bond with me as much as Tevye when I first got him. He would hiss when approached and was slower to warm up to people than his brother.. He has always been a bit more difficult to work with than Tevye, but this makes the times he is very sweet and cuddly so much better. He seems to always want to be included and cuddled the way Tevye is, but he doesn't always know how to interact with people in the same way. When I give Tevye kisses, George wants kisses too, but he doesn’t know how to kiss gently and might pinch or kiss too hard. He has less ability to regulate his strength, but he does want to be involved in the cuddles. He is very intelligent but also easily manipulated at times. For example, when he does not want to be put away in the cage, if I put Tevye into the cage, George follows with no further protests to be with his brother. He is a Macho Man who thinks he is bigger than he really is, but he has a huge soft spot for his brother. He is slower to trust and has more struggles understanding how to be gentle. He can be very sweet but in the spring and sometimes in the winter, has some hormonal aggression that can make it a challenge. George enjoys perching on top of heads, chewing on things, playing with bells, and grooming and hanging out with his brother. He is a bit pickier about showers and does not always enjoy getting misted with a spray bottle. He loves to fly around the room and is a strong flier, even when his wings are clipped. He is confident and unafraid to ask for what he wants – definitely the boss of the two. George's favorite thing in the world is his brother and he is very concerned when he can't see him, and will start screaming if they are separated. During his hormonal times, he can be more bitey, sometimes biting quite hard and at unexpected times. He becomes more territorial during this time, so he normally gets his wings clipped to curb some of this behavior, which is very effective at calming him down. While they are clipped, he is still able to fly, just not as well. They are not clipped on a regular schedule, usually just when the aggression is kicking in, typically every 6 months, 1 or 2 times a year. During aggressive periods, I typically keep them in separate cages, and for this reason I have two full-sized cages that sit next to each other for when this happens. Sometimes during the aggressive period, George will chase Tevye if they are let out together at the same time, so I will let only one out at a time and I rotate who is in the cage throughout their . Sometimes he will go after Tevye's feet and bite them, so I try to keep them separate until the aggressive behavior eases. This can pose a challenge as they are very codependent, but they do well being in different cages as long as the cages are kept close to each other. At night, I cover them under the same large sheet so they can still see each other. Their cage is in my bedroom, so they sleep near me. Their daily routine involves waking up in the morning when I get up for work, or on days off when I get up around 8-9 am. I try to give them time out of the cage before I leave for work, usually around an hour. When we get up I take off their sheet cover and give them a few minutes to wake up. I open the cage and let them out while I get ready for work and change their water and food. Sometimes I lie in bed in the mornings while they are out of the cage and they will fly onto the bed and crawl around on top of me, exploring, hopping around and grooming me while chewing on things. They have very cute morning warble sounds and will happily chirp away, sometimes putting their heads down in unison as they make their happy warbles. Every once in a while, Tevye puts his foot up by his head while he puts his head down - not sure what he is doing, but he is very happy when he does it and he makes a lot of cute warbles while doing so. Before I leave for work, I put them back in their cage. I leave music playing for them (upbeat music, alternative or indie folk. They like Bob Marley. I avoid Metal or music that is too stimulating). I play music mixes for them on an Alexa, and it typically turns off on its own after 30 minutes to a few hours (it seems to turn off if it "doesn't detect any activity"). I make sure they have a light on in the room as well. When I get home from work, I say hi to them and let them free roam out of their cage in the bedroom. I will go in with them to spend some time with them, but they typically free-roam in my room by themselves when they are out of the cage and are able to self-entertain. Sometimes I watch TV in the room with them, which they enjoy, and might perch on top of the TV while I do. They like to walk around on the floor, and if you put your foot in front of them they love riding the Elevator, where they get a lift up. Both of them love crawling under dressers and they will be completely quiet underneath, occasionally popping out covered in cobwebs when I call them. They often put themselves away by bedtime, which is 9-10pm. If they are ready for bed before this they will make some loud calls to let me know they are ready. I put their sheet on the cage and tell them goodnight, but usually put the blanket on just the top of the cage for a while to let them adjust if they were not already sleeping. Then I place their sheet (a dark, somewhat thick sheet) so it covers most of the cage, but I leave 1-2 inches of space on the back of the cage uncovered so it isn't pitch black in there and they get some air. Popcorn is one of their favorite foods, as well as millet of course. They are book lovers and love destroying a good book, so use caution leaving valuable paper items around them or they will chew on some of the pages. Tevye especially loves self help books and Stephen King's It, and has almost completely chewed the covers away. Chewing is one of their favorite activities and they really enjoy chewable and shreddable toys. They also love bells, swings, and mirrors. Other favorite activities include flying, snuggling, dancing, and singing. They have lived with cats and dogs most of their lives, and can sometimes be a bit fearless around them, not understanding the risks that come with interacting with predators. Our dog is very docile and does not care at all about the birds, and they have definitely landed on her back before. The cats are usually not interested in the birds, but are definitely a risk to them if left alone with them, so we take great care to ensure they are never together outside of the cage, especially unsupervised. Two of our cats are very docile and are allowed in the bedroom with the birds when they are out of the cage, but they are always supervised and their interactions are carefully monitored. This means the birds might consider cats to be less of a risk than they actually are, and Tevye has been known to land on a cat a few times.


George & Tevye

to be evaluated

Age or hatch date:

Around 7 years


Both Possible Males

Best qualities:

Tevye is a sweetheart - very gentle, loves to boop (dance), cuddle, groom his brother, and give kisses. He is a funny guy who loves to go underneath furniture and stress his brother out by remaining out of sight. He is sometimes brave, but also fairly meek. He is a very polite boy and almost never bites hard. Instead he will maybe touch you with his beak as if he were going to bite, but it's never hard. He will also put his head down so his feet are not accessible if he does not want to Step Up, which is a very polite way to refuse. Tevye loves to Boop and dance. George loves his brother and he can be very sweet, but is not always. He knows what he likes and is not afraid to ask for it. He respects his personal space, but loves perching on people's heads. He likes to boop as well. Both are very loyal to each other and love grooming and cuddling. They love to hang out perched on you, grooming each other and me. Very playful and mischievous and love having the radio on.

Favorite food:

Popcorn, millet

Favorite toys:

bells, shreddable/destructible toys

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or arm


Tevye can be stubborn, submissive, and a bit antagonistic. He will also poop on you much more than George will (and his poops are often very wet). George is dominant and has seasonal aggression, in the spring. He sometimes bites (hard) and can be territorial over his cage, sometimes with food. It can be good to keep them in separate cages during aggressive phases, with separate food bowls. It is helpful to keep them partially clipped - especially George - as it curbs a lot of his aggression. Both are very codependent and do not tolerate being apart well - if they are not visible to each other, they will scream. They are very brave around other animals. Tevye has has been known to land directly on a cat's back several times (antagonistic behavior). They have not been trained much to tolerate hand-training (like gripping them/grabbing them) though they tend to be quite docile when they are handled by the vet or bird groomers when getting their wings clipped.
Separation anxiety/being out of sight of their brother. Less phobias, but things they don't like include hats, gloves, and unidentifiable things close to them (but these are likely able to be overcome with some work - not phobias, mostly lack of exposure).


Boopee Boopee boopee boopee song and dance (headbobbing, they love it when they are on your arm and you sing and dance with them). They know certain whistles they have heard a lot. They know Step up but don't say this. Tevye seems to know what "Can I have a Kiss?" means and sometimes lowers his head so you can kiss him or will gently peck at your lips when you kiss him (not hard)

Health issues:

to be evaluated

Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:

Unknown, or has not been around

Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:

7/9/24, 2:03 AM

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