Blue-Fronted Amazon



Kermit is a fun laid-back bird who enjoys looking out the window and hanging out on his cage playing with toys. He is really good at staying on his playstand or cage and will quietly entertain himself with toys for hours. He has a history of aggression towards men but prefers his current foster dad over mom. He is target trained and steps up well now that he is comfortable here. He is over aroused by other birds being noisy so he needs a quieter home with few other birds to keep his arousal under control.

He is very charming and his laugh is hilarious! He is a fairly independent bird and should not be on his human’s shoulder to keep his hormones under control and avoid aggression towards other people in the home. His adoption requires consulting with Pamela Clark, who knows him and works with his foster family.



Has a history of pneumonia and some minor lung damage because of it.

Age or hatch date:

About 15 years old



Best qualities:

Charming personality and loves to play with toys, independent, easy-going

Favorite food:

Cheese, peanut butter bread, walnuts, cashews, cauliflower

Favorite toys:

Loves toys with charms, mahogany pods, thin wood blocks, paper rope, tiny sneakers

Dowel or step-up trained:

Steps up once comfortable. Is not dowel trained.


Selective with the people he likes and is easily aroused.


Whistles, good morning, good bird , laughing sounds, goodbye, good bird.

Health issues:

Has a history of pneumonia and some minor lung damage because of it.



Gets along with birds:

Yes but needs a quieter home. Doesn’t get along with other male Amazons.

Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids: