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Mai Tai (Cockatoo)

Umbrella Cockatoo

Wait list


Mai Tai (Cockatoo)

*** This bird is currently on our Wait list and is with their current owner. It may be possible to visit and adopt this bird prior to it being moved to a foster home. Please keep in mind that birds on the Wait list may not have had a veterinary visit. Their owners may or may not be caring for the bird at EBR minimum standards of care.***

The owner says. He wakes up, gets breakfast, then he likes to watch TV, and music is a big part of his life. His favorite TV show is: Supernatural, Charmed, Dog the Bounty Hunter, anything on the CW channel. Movies: Bad Boys series, Men In Black series, Anything Madea, Lord of The Rings series, Harry Potter series, Titanic. Music: Alice in Chain, Stonesour, Sarah McLauchlan, P!nk, all 80's music, Deftones. He also has a great since of humor, He laughs when you laugh, laughs when he knows you are lying or make a joke.


Mai Tai (Cockatoo)

Yes please ask for more info.

Age or hatch date:




Best qualities:

His humor, He laughs when you laugh, laughs when he knows you are lying or make a joke.

Favorite food:


Favorite toys:

Anything plastic, cardboard. Anything he can rip apart with his beak

Dowel or step-up trained:

Yes, to hand or arm


Hates being alone. He will scream, and he plucks his feathers when he's left alone for too long. He also has a heart and stomach issue.


He sings, he barks, he mimics anything. He hisses, that means leave him alone. He can say names.

Health issues:

Yes please ask for more info.

Gets along with birds:


Gets along with dogs:


Gets along with cats:


Gets along with kids:


Foster home has expressed interest in adopting this bird:

5/8/24, 1:27 AM

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