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A new logo: Letting our true colors shine

A new logo for EBR

One of our dedicated volunteers has been working on a new logo for the rescue! As you know, bird people are a little different and very special, so we've gone through several versions and many meetings to get to what you see today. As a rescue, we wanted our new look to be similar to what we had before, but representative of  who we are now and where we are going.  The inspiration for this logo comes from a bird we rescued from a severe neglect situation this past year. He has since been adopted and is living his best life, thus that little smile on his face. We're very excited to introduce the new look for Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon!


By: EBR Staff

EBR is an exotic bird rescue made up of volunteers throughout Oregon. Our mission is to find a safe loving home for every bird, and to provide education and support to our community. Find out more about our work at


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