So you ask…why did you get into bird rescue?

By: Tarie Crawford

Well that answer is different for every person…our story goes like this…

We decided we wanted to get another bird after our sweet lovebird passed away. We researched various organization and came across Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. Looking through their website and doing a bunch of research on breeds we decided on a few we were interested in meeting.

So we took the required class, had the home inspection and took a trip to Portland for the

weekend. After many visits; we had two birds who were not even on the list who decided we were to be their new mom’s. That is how it works! You let the bird pick you.

A different day the rescue called because there was a bird that needed help at a local shelter.

We picked up the little parakeet, Auto, who flew into an Auto Zone and landed on someone’s head. He was obviously someone’s pet but no one ever called to claim him.

Next was Gizmo the lovebird who was found in bushes by a gentlemen walking his dog. He and Auto became fast friends.

Then the rescue asked us to help Willy the 63-year-old amazon and so on and so on. Five years later, we have two bird rooms, four cages in our living room, and no room for guests to stay overnight... unless they want to put up a tent!

During our time with the rescue we have helped birds feel safe, fed them a better diet, taught them new skills, gave them opportunities to find amazing new families, gave them love before it was time to go over the rainbow bridge, and had/have several foster fails. This work is amazing because not many people do it and there is such a need.

To see a bird pick out the family they want to live with and to see the family incorporate that bird completely into their family is the best feeling in the world.

Yes it is hard work..yes we cry happy tears and sad tears. There are times we just want a day off but then we remember, these birds look to us for safety, love, and companionship.

It is our  mission to "find a safe and loving home for every bird and to provide education and support to our community." 

Author: Tarie Crawford Secretary/ Treasurer, volunteer, foster home, board member…Owned by Sherby and Merlin the Goffins Cockatoos, Jackie and Sammy the Mollucans, Sky the Umbrella, Frankie the Quaker, Lori the Grey, Clarence and Canolli the cockatiels. Fostering Conures: Noah, ChaCha, Parakeets: Sparkle and Star, Max and Pip, Ricky and Morty, Peanut and Shayera, Lovebirds: Bonsai and Peanut, Seb and Petey. Phew!

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